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About Elsie

Republican Elsie Arntzen has served Montana as Superintendent of Public Instruction since 2017. As the first Republican to serve in the office in 30 years, Elsie has been an unwavering champion for Montana's parents and families.


As a mother, grandmother, and former public school teacher, Elsie has dedicated her life to building a better Montana for the greatest treasures of the Treasure State -- our children. Elsie fought back against harmful & unnecessary mandates during the COVID-19 pandemic and worked to keep our kids in school. 


A 4th Generation Montanan and a Billings native, Elsie previously served in both the Montana State House & State Senate, where she flipped Democrat controlled seats Republican. Arntzen knows that our state is built on conservative principles: family values, small government, low taxes, and respect for our Constitution.


Elsie Arntzen is ready to continue the legacy of the Conservative Montanans before her, to put Montana's families first, and to tirelessly fight back against the radical leftists in Washington.

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